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Camera Mount 910
Our Price: $25.00

The camera mount is designed for use with the Logitech B910 or Logitech C910 USB web camera.

It includes a T-Thread adapter ring for use with scopes that accept T-Thread accessories.

The mount may also be attached directly to a tripod using the 1/4x20 mounting hole at the bottom of the mount.
USB Camera Mount 910 - Black
Our Price: $25.00

Celestron 93606 Tripod
Our Price: $30.00

Standard photo/video tripod is extremely light and portable while performing well with most mid-size optical products (binoculars, spotting scopes). Features quick release bracket and pan handle control.

Includes 1/4"-20 mounting screw.
.40 S&W & .45 ACP Adaptor Kit
Our Price: $39.99

Convert the standard 9mm SureStrike into your intended specific caliber. Simply thread the Caliber Adapter ring onto the SureStrike cartridge and you are good to go! No tools needed.
System Storage Bag
Our Price: $50.00

Use this bag to store and transport your OCAT System.  Room for all system components with plenty of space left over for your shooting accessories.
SureStrike 9mm Cartridge
Our Price: $99.95


- 9mm SureStrike laser cartridge
- 3 reflective targets
- Battery pack
SureStrike .38SP / .357 Cartridge
Our Price: $99.95


- .38 Special/.357 SureStrike laser cartridge
- 3 reflective targets
- Battery pack
Orion HD-F2 Paragon Tripod
Our Price: $100.00

Portable Orion Paragon HD-F2 Heavy Duty Tripod is ideal for use with spotting scopes, cameras, big binoculars, and smaller refractor and Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes.
SureStrike .223 Cartridge
Our Price: $119.95

Screws onto end of your SureStrike 9mm laser cartridge and allows you to use the unit in .223 caliber firearms.
OCAT SharpShot-E Firearm Training System
Our Price: $125.00

This is a laser-ready, software-only download for $125.

: You must have your own computer, webcam and a laser training device to use this software. To see the complete line of OCAT marksmanship training systems and accessories, visit the products section of our website.

: You must create an account to download the OCAT Starter System software.

The OCAT Starter System is a laser-ready, software-only marksmanship training system. It’s an excellent, low-cost way to become a better shooter. Getting started is as easy as installing the software, printing out a target, aiming your webcam and loading your firearm with a laser training device.

The starter system comes with a 100 percent, no penalty upgrade. That means you can apply 100 percent of the cost of the starter system software to any one of our OCAT System Kits (Laser, Basic, Standard, Deluxe; and the Laser Only and Full Version software products). Upgrade whenever you're ready to get the additional advanced functionality available in the other software versions. Get the OCAT Analyzer, more customization options, screen snapshots, a target overlay editor, and support for future plugins like multiple hit areas when you upgrade.

The starter system is the perfect solution for quickly improving your shooting accuracy, precision and speed. The system monitors your target and automatically records the shot's location, order and time. No longer do you need to manually record the order of each shot or track your own hits ... the OCAT System does it for you ... building confidence and greatly enhancing your firearm training experience.

The system transforms almost any location to a virtual shooting range. The basement, recreation room or garage all can become your very own practice range. The OCAT Starter System records each laser flash as if it were a live round fired down range. With the starter system, you can fire thousands of virtual laser rounds for a fraction of the cost of live ammunition. The laser training device also prevents live rounds from being loaded into the firearm keeping you and your family safe while practicing.

The OCAT Starter System:
  • supports single or multiple shooters
  • continuously monitors and shows the target on the laptop in real time
  • reports exact hit location and order with real-time audio and video feedback
  • works with any visible (red and/or green) laser trainer
  • detects laser pulses as short as 60 milliseconds
  • displays hit size and line direction to indicate muzzle movement
  • includes advanced shot timer (minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds)
  • includes programmable fixed and variable start delays
  • features a programmable stop time (based on number of seconds and/or the number of hits)
  • a no-risk upgrade to a more advanced OCAT System
Ready for live fire? No problem. Check out our complete line of OCAT System Kits.
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